My Experience on BGI Program of Fibo Lim (Scam or Worth It?)

I’ve been fortunate to have become one of the students and a member of the Business Growth Intensive Coaching Program. And as a way to give back, I’m sharing my experience w/ coach Fibo Lim & his program, why it is not a scam & how it has helped me in my business.

Before I attended coach Fibo’s classes, I was having trouble in running ads. I did not have the knowledge in audience targeting. I thought before that the more audience you targeted the better, but it was the other way around.

In fact, I targeted our whole country. Most of the time, my ad gets rejected or disabled because I did not have in depth knowledge on ad policy.

And then I saw one of Coach Fibo Lim’s ads.

I admit that at first I was very hesitant and skeptical of enrolling into his programs but after reading numerous reviews regarding him – some where good while other say that Coach Fibo Lim is a scam.

However, upon attending his webinar, his offer was so good that I was convinced it can really help me and my business.

So, I decided to take a leap of faith and throw all the negativities out of the window.

And oh boy!

I got more than my money’s worth. Coach Fibo even over delivered. I did not regret my decision of enrolling to his program – The Business Growth Intensive.

What I love about him was that he teaches what he have experienced. Like his experiences with running a particular businesses before. He is not like other mentors or coaches that they teach after only reading a particular book.

Coach Fibo teaches us his mentees about what he have undergone thru before, not what he have read. He gives concrete examples and he gives very comprehensive explanations that even an elementary student can understand. He also gives enough examples so that all of his mentees from different walks of life understands.

Aside from coach Fibo gives concrete examples and comprehensive explanations, he also demonstrate what he teach. Examples are step-by-step instruction on setting up Manychat and Clickfunnels. He also brings to the table other established coaches from different industries to share their expertise and strategies without reservations.

As of the meantime, I am still on the process of implementing all of my learning from his teachings. Since I cannot be a full time online businesswoman because I have a new born baby that needs my focus and attention now. But nevertheless, I am sure that I can make my first million next quarter. Fingers crossed.

As of the moment, I am currently running and automating my messenger using Manychat so that I can still engage my prospects and on the other hand I have more time in taking care of my baby. I’m not making any excuses but raising a newborn without a helper is really hard. I digress, when all of these learning will be implemented technically, I know that time and financial freedom will be achieved.

I certainly recommend all of Coach Fibo’s courses or programs now that we are in the information age. And with that I agree to Coach Fibo’s vision, to help a lot (and I mean a whole lot) of entrepreneurs because it is the only way to help a country develop and grow.

Aside from his vision, I am also compelled to recommend the courses and programs to others because just like myself, other entrepreneurs need guidance in making, nurturing and managing their own business.

And Coach Fibo Lim is one of the best mentors out there.

You can follow him in his Facebook page here, and Youtube Channel here. He gives a ton of FREE content that will benefit you even if you haven’t enrolled in any of his programs yet. But if you have the resources, I highly recommend you do.